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SSO Leadership Election Process

SSO members will be invited to submit nominations for open leadership positions in the summer of 2024.

Voting SSO members in good standing are eligible to submit nominations via a nomination support form on the website. Self-Nominations are accepted. You may nominate more than one of your peers for any open position but will need to complete separate nomination support forms for each.

All nominees will be asked to complete a short application form and submit their CV which are reviewed by the Nominating Committee. The final decision on Officer and Board Member selection is made by the current Nominating Committee and Board of Directors. A separate online election is held for SSO members to vote on Nominating Committee and Councilor-at-Large positions.

General criteria taken into consideration by the Nominating Committee when evaluating potential candidates includes:

  • Attendance at SSO annual meetings  
  • Service to Society/ Other positions individual has held within SSO  
  • Commitment to SSO   
  • Diversity   
  • Length of membership   
  • Age requirement (for certain positions)  
  • Competency (skill set for role, i.e., treasurer, secretary, vice-president)   
  • Skills and Interests
    • Proven interest in the field of surgical oncology/leadership in the field
    • Knowledge and understanding of the organization’s work
    • Professional knowledge and skills needed by the EC
    • Connections in the community (media, politics, healthcare)
    • Fundraising experience and willingness to participate
    • Ability to make a personally meaningful financial contribution
    • Previous board experience or board training 

Questions about the nominations process or eligibility requirements? Contact Andrea King, Director, Governance & Global Operations at andreaking@surgonc.org.

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