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Mission: Provide a voice for cancer surgeons to improve surgical care
for cancer patients through multidisciplinary clinical care, education, research, outreach, advocacy and leadership on
the global stage.

The Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons (GFCS) was formed in March of 2017 at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Surgical Oncology. GFCS was established to address the lack of adequate surgical care for cancer patients globally and create a framework to improve the delivery of surgical care to cancer patients through global collaborative efforts.

The Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons is currently made up of 15 global member societies who meet semi-annually and collaborate throughout the year to close gaps in resources and cancer care worldwide. 

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Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons® Publications

Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons: Cancer Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact and Lessons Learned

The purpose of this article is to summarize the opinions of the surgical oncology leaders from the Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons (GFCS) about the global impact of COVID-19 pandemic on cancer surgery. Read More.

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GFCS Member Societies By Region

North America

Society of Surgical Oncology

Canadian Society of Surgical Oncology


Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology


European Society of Surgical Oncology

Italian Society of Surgical Oncology

Latin America

Brazilian Society of Surgical Oncology

Chilean Society of Surgical Oncology

Latin American Society of Surgical Oncology

Sociedad Mexicana de Oncologia


Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology

Indian Association of Surgical Oncology

Israeli Society of Surgical Oncology

Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery

Korean Society of Surgical Oncology

Pakistan Society of Surgical Oncology


Global Forum of Cancer Surgeons Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Chandra Are

Chandrakanth Are, MD, MBA, FSSO


Russell Berman

Russell S. Berman, MD, FSSO


Dr. Ashraf Zaghloul

Ashraf S. Zaghloul, MD, PhD, FACS, FSSO, FESSO


Dr. Isabel Rubio

Isabel T. Rubio, MD, PhD, FEBS, FSSO

If your global oncology society is interested in participating in the GFCS, please contact SSO staff at Global@surgonc.org.

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