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Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology

EGSSO members can become an SSO member for the discounted EGSSO rate here.

The Egyptian Society of Surgical Oncology (EGSSO) was established in 2001 by the department of Surgical Oncology – National Cancer Institute-NCI- Cairo University where the headquarters is located. The EGSSO is a Non Profitable – Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with nearly 600 active members (national & international) enrolled in its activities.

The EGSSO is considered to be the most leading active, influential and prestigious cancer society in the Middle East and the region given the number of members, activities and its partnership with other well reputed international surgical cancer societies.

The Society encourages its members to promote the advancement of surgical oncology for the benefit of cancer patients.


The EGSSO Mission is to support its members to update and advance the field of surgical oncology in the clinical –practical and research fronts for the best benefit of cancer patients.

The Society plans to achieve this through a wide range of activities and approaches targeting education-training-research and multidisciplinary Care.


The EGSSO vision is to adopt the most recognized evidence-Based cancer treatment. It will develop and implement the best available standard of cancer patients care beside expanding its activities at different and variant fronts including education, uniform surgical practice and skills, outstanding standard of quality of healthcare delivered to patients and ultimately qualification and accreditation.

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