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SSO 2023 Press Coverage: Detection of circulating tumor DNA predicts recurrence in soft tissue sarcomas

During an SSO 2023 press briefing Beatrice Sun, MD, a general surgery resident in the Department of Surgery, Stanford University, presented research on how circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) may transform disease monitoring and treatment guidance for soft-tissue sarcomas.  Learn more in this ASCO Post article.

Using Circulating Tumor DNA to Predict Early Recurrence of Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) may transform disease monitoring and guide treatment for soft-tissue sarcomas, according to data presented at the 2023 Society of Surgical Oncology (SSO) International Conference on Surgical Cancer Care. 1 Findings of a retrospective review showed that 85% of patients with documented disease progression or recurrence had ctDNA levels rise accordingly, and all patients with positive assays had changes in their treatment plans.

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